Failed Trip to the Video Store - 1st Time

Failed Trip to the Video Store - 1st Time

The summer after I graduated high school was going to be pretty normal.  I had a job, a couple of bucks in my pocket, and nothing major going on until a went to college a few months later.  I had only turned 18 a couple of weeks before school let out, but my plans were already made to test out my new adulthood.

About 20 minutes out of the neighborhood I lived in was an adult video store.  I had always been very into porn, but it was very hard to get at that time.  This was '96, and if you wanted any porn on a computer, you had to wait a good 10 minutes for 1 pic to download.  Not being 18 until then, I couldn't go and buy my own stuff, so I always ended up with cheap hand me downs that friends had grown tired of.  All that was going to change though, I had a day off from work and was finally go and get something I wanted.

As I was making my way to the video store, I started to think this wasn't a great idea.  The area was kind of crappy, and I had build this trip up so much in my mind that I was making myself nervous about actually going in.  I parked in the lot and waited for a few minutes, things seemed normal so I thought, "what the hell" and made my way in.

My eyes had never been so big.  Wall to wall porn of the most wild and hot sex I had ever seen.  A few guys looked over  whenI was carded at the counter, then made my way to the shelves.  I didn't want to look weird, so I was acting like this was all no big deal to me.  I casually made my way around, looking at the covers, while my heart was about to beat a hole in my chest.  I saw plenty of good options, but I was discouraged at how much they cost.   allpornotube Everything was like $25 and up, which was alot to a kid just out of high school.  Anything I could afford looked like the crappy quality I already had.

While intently studying a cover with some chick gagging on a huge cock, some guy came up to me and said, "that one is pretty hot, I have it at home, good choice."  I thought it was weird that a guy was talking to me in a porn store, but it being my 1st time, I figured it must be normal.  I said, "yes it looks pretty good, wish it wasn't so expensive."  We introduced ourselves and started talking, he seemed ok, so I told him it was my 1st time in a porn store and that I was really excited, but didn't realize how much this stuff was going to cost.  He said he had quite a collection and that if i wanted, I could go to his place and watch some, even borrow some if I wanted.  That seemed like a great idea to me, so he had me follow him to his house, which was only like 5 minutes away.

His house was pretty cool, pool table, dart board...stuff like that.  He got me a beer and we talked for a little bit.  Finally he asked if I wanted to watch some porn, and went over to the couch while he set up the DVD.  Five minutes in and I thought my cock was going to explode!!  It was the hottest, most hardcore porn I had even seen and not being able to rub one out was driving me crazy.  I dont know if he sensed how I was feeling or if he was just feeling the same thing, but he said, "hey its just us dudes here, you mind if I stroke off while I watch this?"

Now I was uncomfortable, but it was what I wanted too, so I said, "no problem, you mind if I handle up too?"  He said go for it, so a little nervous, heart pumping, I starting to unzip and fish out my cock.    Part the reason I didnt mind so much was that I thought I was going to show this old man up.  He was in his mid 40s, about 6'2 and a little over weight, so I was pretty sure I was going to be pulling out a much nicer cock than his.  I was 18 years old, 5'10 180lbs and in great shape, my cock was a solid 7 inches, straight and strong and a big cummer.  I took a quick look over and could not help but gasp a little bit.  His cock had to have been 9 or 10 inches and thick, also, he was the first guy I had ever seen that had his foreskin.  I was on the football team and you see a lot of cocks in the locker room, but I had never seen one that wasn't cut.  Realizing I had looked for too long, I tried to turn away quickly but he had seen me.

"Ever seen one that wasn't cut?"  Busted, I thought to just play it cool, "No, I have never seen one uncut or that big, you could be in videos yourself."  He said, "Well its no different from any other cock, to jerk it though, I usually just slide the skin up and down it like this."

I was mezmorized by the pumping motion he was making with his cock and for some reason, I wasnt feeling weird about this.  After a few moments, he said, "you can touch it if you want, no big deal."  I was frozen.  I wasnt gay, I had my share of girlfriends, I didnt know what this guy was talking about, but for some reason, I was still looking.  "Go ahead if you want."  I reached a trembling hand half way over, he took his hand off his cock and guided my finger over the shaft and the skin and the tip, then he put my hand in his hand and wrapped it around his cock.  My mind was racing, everything was a blurr, I was now pumping this guys cock with my hand.  He reclined a little bit on the couch and said it felt good, he took his hand off and put his arm on the back of the couch.  I guess it was instinct, but I kept stroking his cock and glacing back and forth from it to the porn.

Several moments passed like this, we didnt say anything, the only sound was from the porn.  He finally spoke, "yeah she is really hot, look at her go."  I looked up, the girl was going to town on a cock she was sucking.  Not knowing what I was saying or doing at this point I said, "she is awesome, that dude has a big cock too."  "Bigger than mine??" he smiled, maybe you should take a closer look.

He took his hand off the back of the couch and put it on the back of my head, he gave a little pressure and was now guiding my head down to his cock.  Still in my daze, I let him, but stopped just short.  His cock, that I was still pumping, was just inches from my face now.  He said, "shes giving him some pretty hot action, why dont you give me some hot action like that too."  I opened my mouth to scream, but heard myself say, "ok" instead, I pulled the skin down and put the head of his cock in my mouth.

I had no idea what I was doing, I was just trying to do like I had seen girls do in videos and get this over with as quick as I could.  He said, "that feels good, keep pumping me with your hand and just suck the top for a while."  I did as I was told.  The taste was actually kind of nice, I was surprised how smooth and hot it felt in my mouth and I kind of started to feel turned on when I saw how good it was making him feel.  I was relaxing a little now so I was trying to do it better and better.  I started to pull his skin down hard, and his cock would instantly plump up in my mouth, to which he would give me a big, "mmmmm" and roll his eyes toward the ceiling.  I was now on my knees on the couch next to him so that I could lean over and take it down even further.  He was loving this and started to really push my head hard and fast.   He started breathing really hard and catching his breath.  He grabbed my hair and held my head in place, grabbed the base of his cock and said, "just hold it."

He held my head in place while he furiously pump his cock.  I braced myself for what was about to happen and finally he said, "oh shit!!" and started to pump his load in my mouth.  I had never tasted cum before and was shocked at how hot it was, I tried to back away at first because I thought he was pissing in my mouth but he held me there.  He was pumping load after load into my mouth, my eyes were shut tight and watering as I was getting close to gagging and running out of space to hold it all.  All at once, he took his hand off the base of his cock and shot his last big load with one big thrust.  His cock pushed deep into my throat and I gagged for breath.  With him still holding me by the hair, I couldn't pull off to breath so my gasp for air ended up just being a big swallow and I took down every hot, salty bit of cum.

He and I were both taking long, deep breaths now as we tried to collect ourselves.  I laid back on my end of the couch, I noticed I had cum all over myself without even jerking my own cock.  Guess I was into it.  Not wanting to think of the total 180 my life had just taken, I made something up about having to get ready for work and hurried out of there.  Soaking with sweat, feeling like I had just run 10 miles, I got in my car and drove with his smell and taste still all over me.  I was so turned on!!  I felt guilty, but I wanted to do it again.  Going to the porn store worked out pretty weill, though I never actually bought any porn.  Hey, I was 18 now, I could go back whenever I wanted :)